“Empower yourself with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise.”


The cheat code to life is learning from someone who has already been there. That's where i come in.

#1 questions I get, "How do I become a photographer ? What do I need to do to start making money" 


How can I solve that? I can't. It really does take a ton of time and practice to learn the skills and customer service skills to have a successful photography business. 

 However, what I can do is lessen that time and put you on a successful path full of short cuts for you. I've already done the hard work and invested in countless hours of education so I'm able to give you the cliff notes you need. 

There I was working at the DMV with a philosophy degree, a $500 camera, and no idea what to do next. 
Let me save you a ton of time!


- 2 hour virtual class
- Framework Questionnaire
-Shadowing me at a 8-10 hour wedding
-Hands on real world guidance.
-Use of images you take for your own portfolio 
-Wedding Variables PDF
-Onsite OCF real world practice
- Takeaway lessons and homework to keep practicing

How do you know this is right for you:
-You're interested in shooting weddings but have no idea where to start.

-Complete working knowledge of your camera
-Portfolio and  past work 

Level 3


-Recap/Brush Up 2 hour class on
operations and technical terms.
-Editing techniques 
-1 on location shooting opportunity (1 hour)
-Use of images you take for your own portfolio 
- Framework Questionnaire
- Takeaway lessons and homework to keep practicing

 How do you know this is right for you:
This level is great for photographers who are familiar with their camera and have issues they need to correct. 

- Basic Camera knowledge 
-Basic knowledge of Technical terms
- Small portfolio or examples of past work

Level 2


- Basics Virtual 2 hour Class
-Editing techniques 
- Framework Questionnaire
-  Takeaway lessons and homework to keep practicing

How do you know this is right for you:
- You have little to no experience operation your camera.
-You're interested in photography but don't know what area to start in.  

Requirements :

Level 1

Mentoring & Shadowing programs

Everyone doesn't learn at the same pace. Here are some options  for your own journey. These can be taken separately or as needed. 

Let's Talk About It

No matter what stage of photography you're at we all have things we just can't figure out. At least not without the help of others. Here is your chance to pick my brain and get some answers to the problem you're stuck on. 

Schedule a phone call or zoom and let's talk about it. 


Close the transformation gap

The Wedding variables Guide

I created a guide that teaches wedding photographers all of the variables they need to look out for on a wedding day. Whether you’ve been shooting weddings for a decade and can’t seem to get a wedding day to go smoothly, or you’re about to shoot your first wedding, this guide is for you.

Some of these issues could turn into legal battles that could last years, wedding through bad reviews from less-than-ideal clients, or simply more stress in your life than you need. I will help you save time wasted from stressing.

The problem with wedding day variables is that, until now, the only way to learn about issues that could come up was on-the-job.* I don’t (want) you to have to go in blind! Learn everything that I know, from my years of experience and hundreds of weddings. Use my bag of tricks to tackle issues and challenges that are common at weddings!


We cover:

-How to prepare before the wedding day.
-The importance of asking questions, lots of questions.
-What to include in a questionnaire.
-How to set clear expectations for both parties.
-How to make sure you’re on the same page with your clients.
-Being honest about what you can deliver.
-Practical preparations, like packing your bag the night before.
-The importance of timing & why movement = time.
-How to balance treating everyone with respect, without taking any disrespect.
-How to handle a wedding dress.
-Being attentive to those around you on the wedding day, from other vendors.
to the wedding party to the mothers of the couple.
-Dealing with sparkler exits—the fun mixture of drunk guests & fire.
-How to take care of your body before and after weddings (you’ll thank me later).

"Be an asset, not an ass"
 - A photographers guide to working with vendors

Working a wedding or any project that involves multiple creatives is par for the course. Learn how to show up and be an asset to your fellow vendors. Know before you walk in the door what is expected of you and the best ways to be respectful and communicate.

Secure Referrals
Build Relationships
Grow Revenue 


let's work together

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