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“From the moment we inquired about services to the receipt of our final shots, the experience was unmatched.."
 - Shunta 



Talking about money is never easy, and let’s be honest, It can be awkward. That’s why I try to make things as simple as possible. Because wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Shoot me a message and we can chat about your wedding needs and try to fit them in with your budget. Whether you are having a small wedding or a huge blow out, I have a package thats perfect for you!

All packages include :

– Pre Wedding Consult via email, phone or in person.
– Complimentary Engagement Session
– Next Day Sneak Peeks!! You’ll have photos to share with friends and family the next day! SOCIAL MEDIA READY 🙂
– High Resolution Professionally Edited Images on USB
– 90 Day Private Online Gallery For You To Download/Share
– No Cap on Images
– Print Release/Printing Rights

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Engagement Sessions

Almost every single couple who comes to me says the same thing: “We are super awkward in front of the camera.” And my very favorite part of my job is proving those couples wrong. Even if you think you’re awkward, which most of us do (LIKE ME AND MY HUSBAND), even if you hate taking photos (ONCE AGAIN THAT’S US TOO) that doesn’t mean your wedding experience or your photos should be anything less than amazing. No matter what anyone has told you, taking photos doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful, or hard. You can still be yourself no matter if you’re silly, awkward, or have no idea what to do with your hands. I’ve got you!