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We are a creative production company made up of 3 badass female entrepreneurs with over 30 years of combined experience. As businesswomen ourselves, we know that the production matters AND the look matters. Greenhouse Collective was created to bridge the gap between hair, makeup, and photo for personal brands. Looking and feeling beautiful is key when you’re in front of the camera, and our full-service branding packages were designed so that you feel taken care of, from listening to your vision to final production.
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We are Greenhouse Collaborative


Camille Leigh Photography completes the Greenhouse Collective production team as lead photographer. Since 2012, Camille has transformed the process of taking photos into something that everyone can enjoy! No more feeling awkward in front of the camera. Camille has mastered the art of awkward, providing guidance and an incredible customer experience that makes each client feel comfortable and like themselves. Professional photos from Camille Leigh Photography will enhance your personal branding, while sticking true to who you are. Camille’s editing style specializes in skin tones and portraying images that are true to life.
✔ Award-Winning Photographer
✔ Ultimate Confidence Booster
✔ True-to-Tone Photo Editor
Learn more about Camille. [link to website or Instagram]


Makeup artist and licensed esthetician

Kimberly Yasmine is the team’s makeup maven, providing glamorous makeup artistry for our creative clients. Kimberly is consistently voted as one of the top 10 makeup artists in Memphis. It’s no wonder as her clients describe her as personable, attentive, and professional! She started her journey in makeup at Mac Cosmetics and built her foundation (yes, makeup joke) working with Dior and Black Radiance. Kimberly’s expertise in tones and textures ensures  she provides a luxe makeup experience for every client. You will always leave her chair feeling confident and ready for the camera!
✔ Luxury Makeup Artist
✔ Connoisseur of Tones & Textures
✔ Voted Top 10 Makeup Artists 2018-2021
Learn more about Kimberly Yasmine. [link to website or Instagram]


Hair and creative director

D Rachelle is our lead hairstylist with over a decade of knowledge and experience in Cosmetology and Production. She is a cosmetologist, texture and extension specialist, and creative director during production, making her a powerhouse in any setting. [Something about her personality.]
✔ Lead Hair Stylist
✔ Texture & Extension Specialist
✔ Co-Owner of Greenhouse Beauty Lounge
✔ Creative Director & Posing Assistant
Learn more about D Rachelle. [link to website or Instagram]

D Rachelle

As a collaborative, it's our responsibility to take care of women like it's in our lineage.

Built on strength, glam, and structure. Utilizing some of Memphis’ most sought-after vendors, bringing our experience to your set.

We work with creative entrepreneurs that value quality images and looking and feeling their best. We provide more than just brand photos; we provide a full experience from creation to execution. You don’t have to piece together your own production team because we bring everything to the table. We bring your vision to life by listening to your needs and concerns, then addressing them. Our full team is there to assist you throughout the entire process. Because we have a concentrated, vested in polishing your brand image, brands who invest in Greenhouse Collective are given exactly what they need to flourish.
Stand out from the rest. Let our combined experience create magic for your brand.

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